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Experienced Massachusetts Attorneys Responsive to your Particular Needs


Recently the Commonwealth of Massachusetts significantly changed long standing probate laws and procedures and adopted the Uniform Probate Code. If your documents were drafted prior to March 2012, or if you have not had an experienced estate practitioner review your documents recently, you should contact our office to arrange for a consult.

Protecting family assets and transferring them according to your wishes is an important task that cannot be delayed. Chernick & Chernick has the knowledge to explain the various instruments that can be used to preserve and distribute wealth for estates of all sizes. Anne G. Chernick has decades of experience assisting individuals and families with estate planning as both an attorney and Vice President with a major New England bank. She and Michael J. Chernick, an authorized Public Administrator in estate matters, will help you determine the best course to preserve your assets and protect your loved ones. Don’t let the state decide by not doing documents. Don’t have loved ones or charities be excluded, while relatives you may not know or barely know or like take your money and property according to the law of intestacy.


Assisting with the Formulation and Execution of Wills


In addition to planning for the elderly, younger couples need documents too who will be guardian of your minor children? Whom do you trust with your money and proceeds of life insurance to keep for the benefit of your minor children. For second marriages – How to take care of new spouses, while making sure your children and loved ones are cared for too. For gay couples – Who will make life care decisions for your committed long term relationship or spouse, and how to care for that special person. For long term committed relationships, how will you assure that special person is cared for.


Our attorneys can help you draft a comprehensive will that reflects your wishes. In drawing up a will, we will advise you on matters such as:

  • Naming a Personal Representative — Your personal representative is the person you entrust with the legal responsibility to carry out the instructions you set forth in the document.

  • Distributing property — We will help to generate a full accounting of what you own and draft provisions so that each directive clearly states which beneficiaries receive certain assets.

  • Making charitable bequests — If you wish to leave money or property to a charity, we can help you do so and discuss the potential tax benefits.

  • Guardian of your minor children —  Who will be responsible to care for your children and the money you leave for them.


Dispersing your estate is a very personal matter, so we always take the time to understand your situation thoroughly and

tailor our advice accordingly.


Massachusetts Law Firm Skilled in Trust Formation and Administration

Trusts can serve as an effective way to transfer assets while avoiding probate. Though people often assume that trusts are only for the wealthy, we can demonstrate how they might fulfill your needs no matter how much you wish to place in them. Attorney Anne Chernick’s experience in trust creation and administration means that you will have a counselor who understands the process from all sides.


Ensuring Probate and Other Legal Processes Run Efficiently


Probate can be an arduous process if not handled by attorneys experienced in Massachusetts law and the disputes that frequently occur in this court procedure. Chernick & Chernick has the background to locate, manage and distribute property according to a will’s instructions and in a manner that minimizes conflict. We also help with other potential situations involving court oversight, including:

  • Guardianships — When parents of minor children die, courts give great deference to their choices of who should raise their children. Once you decide on a guardian, we can help create a document expressing your intention clearly and making provisions for your children’s care and education.

  • Healthcare proxy — This directs an agent of your choice to make important medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so.

  • Power of attorney — Even if you become incapacitated, financial responsibilities don’t stop. A power of attorney authorizes someone you appoint to conduct your affairs during a period when you cannot.

  • Trusts/Eldercare

  • Medicare Applications/Medicaid Planning


Though it can be difficult to think about the situations that might require these documents, their existence will spare family members considerable stress and expense if something unfortunate occurs.


Legal Support to Help Protect Family Assets and Obtain Benefits


Our goal is always to maximize the value of your estate. We help you pinpoint the best ways to take advantage of tax laws. Our attorneys are also proficient in preparing Medicare and Medicaid applications as well as obtaining aid and assistance earned by military veterans. Our office has represented 100’s of people, just like you.

Estate Litigation

Occasionally someone might feel as though another has taken unfair advantage of the testator to that person's detriment or that the testator either treated them unfairly or otherwise excluded them from taking their fair share upon the testator's death. We have successfully represented people who have felt as though they were unfairly treated by the decedent, testator or the process.


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Chernick & Chernick is a Springfield, Massachusetts law firm advising clients on estate planning and litigation. Call 413-733-1312 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.


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