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Construction Workers


Accomplished Workers Compensation Attorneys Help Employees Injured on the Job Receive Benefits


Injuries at work cause more than physical pain. Victims also have to cope with medical costs, lost wages, lingering effects and the uncertainty of resuming one’s job duties. The Springfield, Massachusetts law firm of Chernick & Chernick is a strong advocate dedicated to seeking full compensation for every aspect of a workplace injury. Chernick & Chernick’s clients benefit from the litigation skills he has developed through his service as an assistant district attorney and 26 years of private practice. We will explain each step of the process to you and pursue the benefits you deserve.

Assisting Clients in their Collection of Lost Wages and Other Benefits


From the moment you contact us, we can help you prepare your workers’ compensation claim and file it with the Department of Industrial Accidents. We diligently pursue payment for you at every stage until you receive a just benefits. This includes appeals if an initial denial occurs. When appropriate, we will also seek additional compensation for items such as:

  • Lost wages – Massachusetts law typically provides for payment of 60% of your gross average weekly wages as wage replacement benefit if you can not work. In some cases, an injured worker might have an earning capacity and get less than 60%. In the case, someone is permanently & totally disabled their benefit may be 66% of their average weekly wage.

  • Medical bill payments — In Massachusetts the simple act of receiving medical treatment can be difficult. Many medical offices do not understand the process. The insurance company has the right to preapprove all treatment. Any work-related illness or injury should be covered by benefits. We will ensure that related items such as prescription costs or reimbursement for travel necessary to receive medical treatment are not missed.

  • Lump sum settlements — One option for resolving a workers’ compensation claim is a lump sum settlement. Chernick & Chernick will help you negotiate this type of settlement. We understand the value of your case.

  • Claims against third parties — In many cases, an injury on the job might have been caused by the negligence or recklessness of a third party. For example, a commercial truck driver might be injured in a collision with a reckless driver. In these matters, we have the essential knowledge and experience to coordinate the workers’ compensation claim with the action against the other driver.

We provide a free initial consultation so that you have a full understanding of your choices and what you can reasonably expect to receive.


Helping Construction Workers and Others in High-Risk Jobs Recover


Chernick & Chernick represents all kinds of injured Massachusetts workers, including many from jobs with added risk, such as:

  • Warehouse workers — The heavy lifting and pace of warehouse jobs can lead to back injuries and other long-term ailments.

  • Factory workers — Errors associated with large equipment can have devastating effects, and the ability to return to work may be delayed due to an inability to perform the same physical tasks.

  • Nurses and personal care assistants — Whether they work in medical facilities or provide home care treatment, healthcare workers are frequently exposed to dangerous conditions or injured while assisting patients.

  • Truck drivers —When vehicle collisions occur in the course of work, our attorneys can represent truck drivers in both their workers’ compensation and their personal injury cases.

  • All others- Regardless of what you do for a living, if you’ve been injured at work you may be entitled to benefits.

At Chernick & Chernick, we know that every job poses some risk. We also know that if you are injured at your place of work, you deserve to seek workers’ compensation benefits, and we have both the skill and the experience to help you obtain those.


Contact a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law Firm for a Free Initial Consultation

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