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Ensuring Probate and Other Legal Processes Run Efficiently

Probate follows what is for most families a painful and emotional loss of a loved one. Probating an estate can be intimidating and can create legal risk for individuals who are not familiar with the process. The knowledgable and meticulous probate attorneys at Chernick & Chernick know how to ease the stress of probate by guiding Personal Representatives (Executors) and beneficiaries through the complex process of settling an estate. 

 Scales of Justice

Disputes during the probate process frequently occur and the attorneys at Chernick & Chernick have the expertise to minimize conflict and administer the estate smoothly and efficiently. 

Intestate Estates

When a decedent dies without a will there is more need than ever to have legal guidance during the probate process to ensure that heirs are appropriately identified and assets are properly distributed. 

Public Administration

A Public Administration is necessary when a decedent who resided in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dies intestate with no known heirs. Attorney Michael Chernick is an appointed Public Administrator in Hampden County who has vast experience in locating assets and identifying heirs. 

Estate Litigation

Occasionally, someone may feel as though another has taken unfair advantage of a decedent to their detriment, or that the decedent either treated them unfairly or otherwise excluded them from taking their fair share upon the decedent's death. The attorneys at Chernick & Chernick have successfully represented people who have felt as though they were unfairly treated by the decedent or the probate process.

Asset Protection and Procurement of Benefits

At Chernick & Chernick our goal is always to assist you in maximizing the value of your estate. The attorneys at Chernick & Chernick will help you pinpoint the best ways to take advantage of tax laws. Our attorneys are proficient in asset protection, long term care planning, and Medicaid (MassHealth) applications. Chernick & Chernick has represented numerous people just like you. 

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