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Assisting with the Preparation and Execution of Wills, Trusts and Other Estate Planning Documents.

Every situation is unique. Not only seniors need a will; younger people also need a comprehensive estate plan. For second marriages, careful planning will provide for both current spouses as well as children from previous relationships. Unmarried couples and individuals in long term committed relationships also need the protection provided to them in a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy which will allow them to make financial and health care decisions for their partner. 

In drafting a will, trust or other estate planning documents we will advise you on matters such as:

  • Naming a Personal Representative: Your Personal Representative (Executor) is the person you entrust the legal responsibility to secure your assets and to distribute them in accordance with your will. 

  • Distribution of Property: Your will can identify who will take from your estate as well as the percentages they receive.

  • Guardians/Conservators: You can designate an individual who will be responsible for your minor children or adult children with disabilities and the money you leave for them. 

  • Durable Power of Attorney: Even if you become incapacitated, your financial and legal responsibilities don't stop. With a Durable Power of Attorney, you designate an individual to act on your behalf.  

  • Health Care Proxy: With a Health Care Proxy, you designate an individual to make important medical decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so. 

At Chernick & Chernick we understand that the distribution of your estate assets is a very personal matter. We always take the time to understand your unique situation thoroughly and advise you accordingly. 

Massachusetts Law Firm Skilled in Trust Preparation and Administration


Trusts can serve as an effective way to transfer assets while avoiding probate. Though people often assume that trusts are only for the wealthy, Chernick & Chernick will take the time to explain how the use of trusts can accomplish your estate planning objectives regardless of the size of your estate. 


There are several types of trusts which can address your unique circumstances. Attorney Anne G. Chernick and her skilled staff can customize a document that best suits your needs. Whether you have a taxable estate, a child with disabilities or are trying to protect your assets, Attorney Anne G. Chernick's over 30 years of experience in estate planning and trust administration will simplify what can be a complicated process. 

We proudly serve all of Western Massachusetts including the following towns and cities:

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