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$1,900,000 – Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

  • An unguarded lawnmower discharged a small rock that struck the plaintiff’s head, causing death. The case mediated to settlement prior to litigation, because the family wished to avoid litigation. Prompt private investigation within days of the incident produced severely damaging statements against the defendant. Case resolved in mediation.

$750,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Truck driver with 4 minor children rear ended in his own vehicle with his family. Resulted in 2 failed back surgeries and loss of career opportunities. Case litigated and settled 2 weeks before trial after a full day mediation.

$750,000- Industrial Death

  • Client died when chemical he was applying spontaneously combusted causing a fire. Client died of smoke inhalation. Client not married and had a fractured relationship with his adult children. Legal team assembled, over 20 depositions taken and case battled between chemical experts. Case settled after 2 separate days of mediation with 4 corporate defendants contributing

$740,000 – Workers’ Comp/Third-Party Slip and Fall

  • A truck driver slipped and fell off a stepladder at a customer’s warehouse, fracturing his kneecap. Four surgeries and serious permanent work restrictions resulted. The plaintiff employee collected workers’ compensation benefits and settled his claim in a lump sum. A third-party case against the customer was tried before a jury to verdict in New Jersey by co-counsel.


$540,000 – MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

  • The defendant parents negligently entrusted their car to their delinquent minor son. Plaintiff suffered complex fracture and a life-threatening infection. Plaintiff received a structured settlement for lifetime payouts.

$500,000-Workers Compensation/Machine Operator

  • Heavy plastic part discharged from a lathe into the employees head resulting in neurological disorder and partial blindness. Caselitigated until the employee deemed totally permanently disabled. Sec. 34A. Case settled because employee had a variety of health issues.

$405,000–Workers Compensation Third Party/ADR

  • Governmental workers injured her shoulder resulting in surgery leaving her with permanent limitations, when working at a persons home. Injury caused by the negligence of the homeowner. Employee received workers compensation then got state Accidental Retirement benefits. Employer also resolved the 3rd party claim against the homeowner days before the trial. All benefits had to be coordinated and negotiated.

$400,000 Workers Compensation/Construction Worker

  • Youthful employee has 2 knee surgeries with poor results and then a back surgery without good resolution. Claim filed for Sec. 34A total/permanent disability. Employee wished resolution because he wanted to attempt to re-enter the workforce.

$325,000-Personal Injury

  • Auto mechanic collected from a 3rd party when a vehicle he was working under collapsed upon him due to it not being properly secured in place, causing multiple injuries and fractures

$300,000 – Workers’ Comp

  • The client was a longtime employee at a major employer in Western Mass. He injured his knees, and complications developed, resulting in multiple bi-lateral knee surgeries and the fusion of one knee. He also developed back pain. His case settled after an order was issued placing him on total permanent disability benefits.


$275,000 – Jury Verdict

  • A man suffered partial amputation of his hand while using a defective snow blower. No offer prior to trial. Jury verdict after 4-day trial.

$285,000 – Workers’ Comp

  • A truck driver with bilateral, failed rotator cuff repairs, with complete loss of use of right arm– declared 100 percent totally disabled.

$235,000 – Motorcycle Accident

  • The defendant turned left into plaintiff’s line of travel as plaintiff was riding his motorcycle, causing significant injuries, including multiple fractures and head injury. An extended period of hospitalization and in-house rehabilitation resulted. Defendant had only $50,000 of insurance. An asset check indicated he owned an unencumbered two-family investment property. The defendant refinanced the property as the case approached trial, and paid another $185,000 out of pocket.

$200,000 – MVA/Pedestrian

  • A sixteen year-old pedestrian was hit adjacent to his high school campus while crossing the street. He suffered a significant leg fracture and facial scarring, as well as psychological injury.  He had resolved to pre-accident status. The defendant had $25,000 in coverage, which settled. A claim under his father’s policy was brought forth, and an additional $175,000 was negotiated.

$200,000 – MVA/Wrongful Death

  • Woman killed in an MVA caused by the negligence of her husband. The estate brought forth claim, which settled for policy limits.

$185,000 Workers’ Comp

  • Union Worker complained of neck pain while climbing a ladder. Insurer defended claiming that act could not have led to a significant injury. After 2 plus years of litigation and halfway through a hearing with multiple experts the insurer settled the claim, agreed to pay for surgery and paid benefits.

$185,000 – Workers’ Comp

  • A dishwasher with a second job as a security guard at a Springfield hotel slipped and fell, severely injuring his low back. A failed back fusion was the result. The case litigated to an award of permanent disability. Case resolved because client wished to relocate to Puerto Rico.

$160,000 – Workers’ Comp

  • CNA who slipped and fell on floor, injuring her neck. After a failed neck surgery the case was litigated to an award of total permanency disability benefits. The case was settled because the client wished to relocate from the area.

$145,000 – Workers’ Comp

  • Employee – truck driver passed out while driving. He was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and head injury. The insurer aggressively defended, claiming no causal relationship. The claim settled after a hearing; prior to the hearing there had been no offer.

$100,000 – MVA

  • Client had a relatively minor MVA resulting in neck pain. She treated conservatively with a chiropractor and physical therapist. Over two years her condition deteriorated, and she eventually required neck surgery. The claim settled for $20,000 with the defendant’s carrier. A claim for underinsurance was brought forth, and the case was arbitrated with a judgment for the policy limits of $100,000. The insurer made no offer prior, defending on lack of causal relationship.

$100,000 – Workers’ Comp/Third Party

  • A truck driver with a non-operable bulging disc was unable to return to his full duties. The lump sum settled his workers’ compensation case for $60,000, and then brought a third-party case that settled for $100,000. The workers’ comp carrier waived its lien.

$72,500 – Slip and Fall

  • Middle-aged Woman slipped and fell in an unlit area of a parking lot on snow and ice, suffering a severe arm fracture. The case resolved prior to trial in mediation.

$28,500 – MVA

  • Client had a minor impact accident, resulting in severe pain. Six years before, she had suffered a herniated disc in her neck, requiring extensive non-surgical treatment. The client argued the new incident exacerbated her pre-existing condition. Insurer offered $6,000; the case was litigated, then arbitrated with a $28,500 award.

$17,000 – MVA

  • A middle-aged woman was rear-ended in her vehicle. She sought care from her primary doctor, had physical therapy, and was referred to an orthopedic specialist. Insurer offered $5,500 prior to trial. The case was tried to a jury, with a verdict of $17,000.

$12,683 – MVA

  • An elderly woman was injured as a passenger in her daughter’s car, resulting in worsening of previous back pain. Client had four months of chiropractic treatment prior to reaching a medical end result. Insurer offered $4,000 to settle; the case was tried to verdict.

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