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Estate Planning Attorneys in West Springfield, MA

West Springfield Can Count on Chernick & Chernick for Easy Estate Planning

There’s a lot that goes into planning, maintaining, and protecting a family or individual’s estate—most of which is made simpler with the help of an experienced estate attorney. If you are currently looking for assistance in forming a will or trust, need help delegating a power of attorney, probate of estate, or guardianship, Chernick & Chernick is here to help. The best part? We’re located just five-minutes from West Springfield, so you can visit us whenever you need to. Simply hop on US-5 Southbound and find our office right across the Connecticut River.

Sign the Lease

Writing and Executing Your Will

West Springfield clients are among our most valued, and we have helped hundreds of our clients successfully formulate their will. This process doesn’t need to be complicated or lengthy, we can take care of it with efficiency and professionalism. It’s important for couples and individuals of all ages to consider whom they’ll trust with their assets and money. Whether you’re in a first marriage, second marriage, or gay marriage, you’ll need to consider which loved ones will be entrusted with your hard-earned assets. A will can also consider who will be made key care decisions in the future. You can create a will to protect your spouse or partner’s decisions if you’re in a long-term relationship. Our attorneys can assist you in delegating the following in your will:

  • Name a representative who has the legal responsibility to carry out your wishes in accordance with your will.

  • Distribute your West Springfield property to you desired family members or loved ones.

  • Choose a charity to donate your assets to in a specific and outlined manner.

  • Delegate a guardian of your children.

Forming and Tending to a Trust

Creating a trust is the optimal way to transfer your assets to another family member in West Springfield, without a probate of estate, or middleman. If you’re looking to create a trust, we have attorneys experienced in this field who are more than qualified to help the formation go on without a hitch.

Other Legal Processes and How We Handle Them for West Springfield

There are several other estate planning legal processes that are important to consider for many West Springfield clients. It’s always a good idea to consider the full list of possibilities when planning your future, and with these legal decisions already made—you can move into your future with greater confidence. Explore some of the following legal actions you can take today, that can help to minimize conflict tomorrow:

  • Guardianships will ensure the care of your minor children in the event of your death. We will help you create a legal document for you peace of mind.

  • Plan your healthcare proxy. This person will make medical decision for you if you’re unable.

  • A power of attorney is a person who is legally delegated to manage your financial affairs should you become incapacitated.

  • We can also help you create a trust, plan for eldercare, and create a legal plan for your Medicare application and planning.

Elderly Couple Contract

We Can Help Protect Your Assets

Here at Chernick & Chernick, it’s our priority to maximize your estate, not minimize it. We will do everything we can to ensure that you have all the legal documentation you need to protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to obtain. We’re experts in the estate planning field of practice, and we’re ready to support our West Springfield clients with confidence. Have greater faith in your future with our team of attorneys.

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