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Attorneys in Hampshire County, MA

Get the Legal Help You Need in Hampshire County with Chernick and Chernick

Hampshire County residents searching for a team of lawyers with plenty of experience and friendly attitude have met their match with Chernick and Chernick. We specialize in many fields, but specifically those of personal injury, accident, estate planning, and worker’s compensation, to bring you justice. With over 100-years of experience, we’re ready to be your personal champion for justice, no matter what your situation involves.

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We Can Help You With:

  • Auto Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Trucking Accidents

  • Personal Injury Accidents

  • Workers Compensation

  • Estate Planning

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Guardianships & Powers of Attorneys

  • Probates of Estates


Worried about where to turn? Get more information about our practice areas and how we’ll best serve our Hampshire County community today.



Michael Chernick

Attorney Michael J. Chernick is a 1975 graduate of Classical High School in Springfield Massachusetts, a 1980 graduate of Northeastern University and a 1983 graduate of Suffolk University Law School.


Anne Chernick

Attorney Anne G. Chernick graduated from University of South Florida in 1983 and received her law degree in 1985 from Western New England Law School. 

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Car Accidents

Most people on the road have endured a car accident. When you’re dealing with residual injuries and financial hardship, accepting help can be challenging, but the team here at Chernick and Chernick is at your disposal. We’re here to help Amherst drivers today.

Motorcycle Accidents

Regardless of your situation, getting in a motorcycle accident can be extremely detrimental to your personal health, and sometimes, even fatal. If you’re seeing the medical bills pile up on your kitchen counter in Northampton, now’s the time to call your experienced accident lawyers at Chernick and Chernick.

Truck Accidents

Get the help of your legal team located near Hampshire County following a severe trucking accident. Haggling with the trucking company is a pain, especially when you’re dealing with hardship following such a traumatic and damaging event. We’re here to care for you with respect.

Personal Injury Accidents

Are you a Hampshire County resident who’s recently experienced a personal injury, are dealing with medical bills, financial hardship, or even interpersonal disputes, and you’re not sure who to call? The team at Chernick and Chernick is here to help.

Worker’s Compensation

When you’re hired at Hampshire County business, you have worker’s compensation rights. Navigating these while injured from an on-the-job duty can be frustrating and confusing, but our worker’s compensation lawyers have the expertise you need for a successful and beneficial case.

Estate Planning

Every Belchertown area individual needs a great estate planning lawyer to help them organize their assets and plan for the future. Give us a call get the comprehensive rundown of all we can do for your heirs and assets.

Wills and Trusts

Write your will and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with organizing your financials. Your Hampshire County area estate lawyers can help you get it done in no time.

 Power of Attorney

Planning for an instance where you need a legal guardian or power or attorney is easy with Chernick and Chernick just off I -91. We’ll handle your specific case with sensitivity and ease.

Probates of Estates

Finish off your will strong with a legal probate of estate you can trust. We make the process simple thanks to our years of experience. Contact us today to learn more near Hampshire County.

Take care of your case in Hampshire County with the experts at Chernick and Chernick


If you’re coming from the areas of Amherst or Ware, we’re a mere 20-mintue drive from your front door. We’re also very easy to access from other Hampshire County communities such as Northampton and Amherst. Give us a call to find directions from your town or city along the Connecticut River.

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