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Injured in a Truck Accident? Place Your Trust in Your Springfield Lawyers

When you’ve fallen victim to a truck accident, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. That’s where the expert lawyers at Chernick and Chernick come in. Not only are we one of the leading law firms in the Ludlow and Monson areas, but we’re also your local experts when it comes to handling your truck accident claims. If you’re suffering from the aftermath of a truck accident, allow our team of attorneys to deal with the truck company and work hard towards getting you the justice you deserve.

Tow Truck
Allow Us to Help You Determine the Negligence of the Truck Driver or Company

There are several different types of truck accidents ranging in severity that we can help our Amherst and Chicopee area customers with. Not to mention, there are nearly endless reasons a severe truck accident could occur, including drunk driving, texting while driving, and negligence of the trucking company. By identifying the cause of your accident, we can most accurately help you by protecting your rights as a responsible driver on the roads of East Longmeadow. One or more of the following situations often play into every truck accident:

  • An overloaded and overweight trailer

  • Poor training and supervision of drivers

  • Lackluster hiring procedures

  • Lack of truck maintenance

  • Truck driver negligence that brakes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules

  • A trailer carrying hazardous or flammable cargo

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end, underride, rollover, jackknife, or head-on collision, do not hesitate to contact our team located near Springfield and Wilbraham. Commercial truck drivers are held to a specific set of laws and standards that we know inside and out. A delay in contacting our lawyers could result in the insurance company or trucking company reducing the compensation you receive for your injuries and the damage of your vehicle.

Determining Liability and Compensation

We’re comfortable working around typical obstacles when it comes to liability law. For example, if the truck driver caused the accident, we’ll work hard to uncover the truth behind false claims from a trucking company that denies their responsibility or fails to produce details about their internal policies.

Once we’ve determined that the truck driver or trucking company is liable, we’ll work on getting you the compensation you deserve. This could come from the driver themselves, the trucking company, the truck loading company, or one of the manufacturers.

As we know that traumatic injuries often occur from these accidents around Longmeadow, and compensation is a vital part of your recovery. Some of the most common and serious injuries we’ve encountered range from mild whiplash to serious spinal cord injuries. All the more reason to pursue justice with our team of skilled attorneys not far from Southwick and Wilbraham.

Turn Towards the Expertise of Chernick and Chernick Today

Eager to gain access to a Northampton area team that puts your justice and future safety first? We have the experience, knowledge-base, and contacts to take care of your truck accident case. With over 100-years of legal experience practicing in the areas of personal injury and worker’s compensation, we have the team that can get the job done. By determining how it happened, we’ll be able to hold the guilty party accountable and provide you and your family with the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at Chernick and Chernick located near the Holyoke and Hampden areas in West Springfield.

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